Retro Shoot

Get ready to shoot tons of stuff in this all action space shooter!

We’ve taken the great gameplay from the 80s and brought it bang up to date with vibrant neon graphics and pulse pumping music and sounds.

Use touch control to guide your lone space craft through wave after wave of retro aliens. Your weapons are set to auto-fire so just focus on flying the ship whilst taking down the enemies.

The “retronauts” take no prisoners and will strike your craft if they can get near to you. Blast them out of space with your lazers and pick up weapon power-ups to dish out a deadlier arsenal.

The waves increase in difficulty as you progress further into space and your ship can take a maximum of three strikes before you’re wiped out. Can you survive the onslaught of these deadly foes from an earlier era?

Will you post the highest score and be crowned the best Retro Shoot player?

* Easy game control method
* 15 free levels to play
* Arcade & Survival modes
* Fast paced shooting game
* Vibrant neon style enemies
* Power-up bombs, lightning and weapon upgrades
* Cool particle explosions
* Online high score system
* Publish your scores to Facebook

Extra Levels
An additional 25 levels can be purchased from within the app.

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