Retro Robots

Strout & Sons proudly presents RETRO ROBOTS!

One of the greatest arcade games of all time has been reimagined, improved, and brought into the modern age. Play with your iPad in hand, or get the full impact with a compatible tabletop arcade accessory. Retro Robots: it may be mindless, but it sure is fun!

It is the year, let’s say, 2199. Evil robots, led by a particularly maniacal model named Evil Botto, have taken over the Earth. You are humanity’s last hope, selected to infiltrate the seemingly endless maze of the robot base. Armed with your trusted laser pistol, plus whatever gadgetry you might find, you battle increasingly more capable bots in your quest for the fabled Score of Height.

Move with the on-screen virtual D-pad in the lower left corner of the screen, and fire with the right. Or, if you have a compatible arcade cabinet, then move with the joystick and press any button to fire. (See our website for more help getting that set up.) Tap in the top half of the screen to pause, and then press the fire button to unpause.

Avoid or destroy the robots, as well as the walls, which are deadly to the touch. If overwhelmed, run for an exit — but don’t be too quick to take your leave, as powerups will appear only after clearing all the robots in a room. Watch out for Evil Botto, an advanced robot which is both cheerful and deadly.

We are a father-and-sons team whose purpose is threefold: (1) to make fun apps you will want to play; (2) to earn some money towards college; and (3) to keep the boys off the street. No, seriously, the battery on the laptop is shot, so they pretty much have to stay within 10 feet of an outlet while working on this stuff.

This is our very first app in the app store. Programming was done mainly by Kevin (age 11 at the start of the project, age 12 by the time it was finished), with help from Dad. Zach (age 8) provided testing and encouragement (we’ll get him sucked into the programming and/or artwork later).

We hope you enjoy the game, and thank you for your support.

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