Retro Pack


* Table Tennis
* Gravity
* Snake
* Right Number

With one purchase you can play these fantastic games 4 all your devices (iPhone, iPad ..)

Amazing app with which to have some fun alone or with friends, Retro Pack is a universal application that runs on both iPhone and iPod touch as iPad.

Retro Pack is divided into 4 great games that will not separate yourself from your device. The first one a classic “Table Tennis”, with an option to play against the computer or with a friend. The second is “Gravity” a fantastic game that blacks have to avoid obstacles using the accelerometer of the device to not get out of the screen when you touch the flash obstacles to disappear, if you play the faster you will go green barriers and’ll earn more scores . In the next game “Snake” you drive a hungry snake on your screen. The last game will test your reflexes and memory to take the limit “Right Number”

Each game has a setup screen where you can adjust the game to your liking.

Software developed with 100% clean energy.

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