“RESIDENT EVIL.NET” is a completely free web service aimed at making your “Resident Evil 6″ experience more enjoyable than ever. Using the vast amount of play data collected from players all over the world, “RESIDENT EVIL.NET” offers original ways to interact and play.

This application mirrors all of the features of “RESIDENT EVIL.NET”, and allows you to interact with the world of “Resident Evil 6″ wherever you are.

Features include:

– Viewing the latest “Resident Evil 6″ news.

– Viewing and comparing your own play status and detailed battle stats with those of your friends.

– Receiving push notifications such as “You’re friend broke your high score!” to keep you motivated.

– Viewing information on unique cooperative and competitive Online Events held regularly on “RESIDENT EVIL.NET”.

– Unlocking various rewards according to your performance in the Online Events, and when meeting other requirements set by “RESIDENT EVIL.NET”.

– A variety of other features designed to complete the experience, including viewing the files you collect ingame, and viewing summaries of the scenarios you have played.

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