A must tool for party and re-union

At this moment, we are very proud to announce a recommended game “Remix PAPAPA” created by Remix Digital. All you need is to carry”Remix PAPAPA”, and all the funny games for party are included: Dice、Draw lot、Countdown、Word Chess、Number Guessing and all all simply easy-play games. What’s more, besides the common rules that people know and play, all gamers from around the world can be re-defined, and share with the world with your new creative rules and punishment.
Thus, our party can become more fun!

Five key shining points:
★Dicing: Press the screen, then you can add or reduce the number of dice, not possible? Your rules now…
★Countdown: Shake the screen, then it can randomly come out a number. You can play as a game for drinking, or something more fun…
★Lot: You can increase or decrease the amount of the match based on the number of the friends, so if someone draw the lot to the broken match, so people can decide what to punish him next?
★Guessing numbering: You can write a number, and let friend guess. If someone loses, then ask him to choose truth or death.
★Word Chess: Do you still remember the word chess? Yes, here comes again, now you can redefine new punishment rules…

In the future, we will create more funny games for party and hope you will like and enjoy it.

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