Reindeer Rush

❄❄❄This game is for experienced gamers only! You must be quick and skilled to win!❄❄❄
✔ Test your reflexes with this fast paced game
✔ Control the fastest reindeer on the App Store
✔ Challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score
✔ You CAN help Rudolph get to his destination –but you must be quick!

❄❄❄Rudolph is in a rush and nothing must stop him from reaching the North Pole. See how far you can get Rudolph whilst avoiding snowy trees, icicles and hills in his way, using touch screen controls tap to control his movement. Use his mighty laser nose to eliminate any ice that lies in his path, each time try to beat the highest score by getting further each time dashing through the snow.❄❄❄

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