Reign of Summoners HD

Come join a “world” which the everyday people do not see. Become the foretold prophecy bringing balance in a TCG world challenged everyday by ambitious summoners of brute force and magic!
Summon creatures to help you on your Quest, take control of the Believers, Outcast, or Hellion Race. Bring forth a new Reign of Summoners!

More than 800 cards awaiting your beckoning call!
Know your strength and weakness, choose which race of cards best suits you in Quest and Clan Battle!

Evolve the cards you command!
Evolve and enhance those who serve you to make an epic and fearsome army!

Stunning artwork by a group of international artists!
Look in awe as you bear witness to unmatched detail of artwork!

Clan Battle awaits you!
Through sweat, blood, and tears prove to yourself, your clan mates, and to the world why you are the Reign of Summoners!

Awesome quests and rewards!
Thirst for gold and glory? Then embark on an adventure which your very wit will be pitted against the most vile creatures to walk this world and claim your righteous rewards!

Easy to learn, a life time to master!
Hone your craft with ease, be the true Reign of Summoner by mastering everything there is in this “world”!

Play Reign of Summoners now. Be the foretold prophet in Reign of Summoners!

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8 thoughts on “Reign of Summoners HD

  1. Wonderful and fun game. It has a great clan war system that makes it much better compared to Reiign of Dragons or Immortalis. I reccomend u to try it. Enter this referral after the tutorial to recieve 30,000 coins, orbs, and a free rare leviathan card. Ref: 2nrx7exg

  2. Hello, for bonus of Rare Hellion and 30 000 silver coins use my refferal code for:
    Server1 is 1176edwqu
    Server2 is 2johfg0e

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