REFLEX BODY & MIND – Reflex and eye-hand coordination trainer

BODY & MIND Is a reflex and eye-hand coordination trainer – a must for power users of touch interfaces, gamers, musicians, for physical therapy or just for fun

BODY & MIND Advantages:

✓ Test and sharpen your reflexes
✓ Measure your accuracy and reaction times with microsecond (0.000001 s) precision
✓ Improve your eye to hand coordination an measure your improvements
✓ Become more productive with your iPhone or iPod
✓ Be a faster gammer
✓ Physiotherapy for hands and fingers
✓ Best your results

BODY & MIND Features:

✓ Follow a sequence, a random pattern or chose your own targets
✓ Use one, two, four or eight fingers
✓ Chose between 1 to 8 simultaneous touch targets
✓ Test yourself in continuous mode or in a challenge of 10 trials, 100 trials or till the 1st error
✓ Statistics with microsecond (0.000001 s) precision
✓ Steady rhythm or increasing tempo
✓ Maintain a given musical tempo:

Larghissimo — 20/min
Lento assai — 30/min
Lento — 40/min
Largo — 50/min
Larghetto — 60/min
Adagio — 70/min
Adagietto — 80/min
Andante — 90/min
Andantino — 100/min
Moderato — 110/min
Allegro moderato — 120/min
Allegro — 130/min
Vivace — 140/min
Vivacissimo — 150/min
Presto — 180/min
Prestissimo — 210/min
Molto prestissimo — 240/min
IMMINENTE — no delay

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