Reel Warfare Lite

Reel Warfare (5 Reel Slot Machine) features up to 5 credits per line (up to 9 lines) – Any 4 scattered bonus symbols triggers one of two interactive bonus games. Statistics page (with kill/death ratio) gives you an in depth sight at how the battle is progressing as you battle your way up to thousands of credits to win all of the 41 trophy achievements and purchase the 10 items in the gift shop with your winnings in this military themed slot machine.

Bonus Game 1: Running low on ammunition behind enemy lines, there was an emergency drop of 6 crates. The challenge comes when you only have enough time to choose one as bullets whiz by. Which will you choose?

Bonus Game 2: You have received coordinates from Team Bravo of an enemy camp nearby. Armed with a tank and a few good soldiers, it is up to you to make it to the camp in time to stop their planned air strike. Roll the dice as you trek through valleys riddled with land mines to reach your destination and unleash your wrath on the enemy. The world depends on you!

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