Rednecks Vs Aliens

Rednecks Vs Aliens is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Rednecks Vs Aliens Review

The American redneck and the extraterrestrial alien share a necessary predator/prey relationship. If aliens didn’t motivate rednecks to keep a sharp watch over their cows, they’d drink heavily, forget to turn off their lawnmowers before tinkering with them, and quickly expire. And without rednecks, aliens would lack a human mouthpiece to feverishly relay their college-level pranks to local news outlets.

But the necessity of that relationship doesn’t change the fact that aliens and rednecks engage in some very ugly battles when they meet. Rednecks Vs Aliens by Dennis Zdonov offers up a grim reminder of nature’s deadliest dance with its frantic castle defense gameplay. Prepare yourself for gunshots, tennis balls, potatoes, and alien ichor in all the colors of the rainbow.

The South shall rise again!

In Rednecks Vs. Aliens, you’re cast as a son of the soil who unleashes weapons and sets traps against a thick flow of alien life that aims to conduct science on your bum. As can be expected from a castle defense game, the alien attacks start off mild and your starter weapons (a gun and a potato launcher) are weak. But you earn some cash for every alien you shoot down, which can go towards building up your house’s defenses and your weapon arsenal.

The weapon selection in Rednecks Vs. Aliens should be familiar for anyone who’s spent a Fourth of July barbecue south of the Mason-Dixon line. You can purchase a lawnmower blade launcher, a tennis racket that fires flaming balls (go ahead and make the joke), all manner of guns, a mayonnaise bomb, and more.

You can also buy and upgrade defense systems such as a window sniper (presumably Grandma Dixie from o’er down yonder lane), and a ground-to-air missile. And If you find yourself overwhelmed by the increasingly relentless forces of Team U.F.O., you can hire an angry bull or a tornado to clear the screen.

Aside from your built-in house defenses, you can take two weapons with you into battle, which ends every sundown and starts fresh at sun-up. The guns fire quickly and straight, but tend to be a little weaker than the slower weapons that fire on a trajectory. You just tap the screen to shoot a weapon.

Billy Bob’s got the bomb.

The limited weapon selection means the action in Rednecks Vs Aliens is a lot quicker than what you’d get from a comparable game like Plants vs. Zombies. There’s also far less strategy, as weapon and trap placement are irrelevant. Your victory depends on the brute strength of your weapons and how fast you can fire them.

This means you can expect a sore “shooting” finger in record time. Moreover, the iPhone’s screen is small and the human finger is big and unwieldy, so when the action gets especially heated, you’ll be covering it up half the time. It’s also pretty difficult to see where you’re firing, especially when you break out the guns. Even if you tap an alien directly, sometimes he goes down and sometimes you miss entirely for no discernible reason.

The castle defense genre is a crowded one, and Rednecks Vs Aliens isn’t the most complex offering of the bunch. It primarily tries to offer up some fast-paced fun, at which it generally succeeds. It’s worth sticking around to clear a few aliens from the corn.