Redneck Fishin'

Redneck Fishin' is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Redneck Fishin’ Review

Redneck Fishin’ is like an unfinished, unfunny Jeff Foxworthy joke. You play as a backwoods bumpkin named Randy who throws dynamite into a lake to raise money and buy his belongings out of hock. While this isn’t a bad setup, Redneck Fishin’ is a disappointing and boring game. It’s so simple that you can beat it in less than an hour with no payoff.

Git ‘er dun!

To play, position your motorboat by tilting the device, and then light a stick of dynamite by tapping the screen when the fuse is at the right length. A longer fuse will let your explosives sink farther into the lake, and with the right timing you’ll blow up a larger number of fish. Big fish are worth more cash, but you’ll have to avoid other critters like snakes and turtles.

While amusing for a few seconds, the meager gameplay wears out almost immediately. Even if you run out of ammunition, you’ll come back fully stocked next time and continue where you left off, so there’s no real challenge.

Between rounds of fishin’, you’ll be treated to cartoon-like cutscenes that last for about 2 seconds. In one, you’ll see Randy standing proudly at the stern of his motorboat. In another, a giant catfish swims like Jaws under the boat. A nicely-animated game with clever characters would be a great use of the iPhone’s capabilities, but Redneck Fishin’s creativity is instead spent on these few brief scenes.

You’ll also sit through boring written dialogue between Randy, his girlfriend, Brandi, and the local sheriff as they discuss all the gear that Randy has to buy back. Besides being obvious Dukes of Hazzard rip-offs, these characters don’t have anything interesting to say. You won’t care about their predicament, and the fishing game itself isn’t worth your time.

As you advance through the game, you’ll buy back different parts of Randy’s home, like a BBQ or above-ground pool. Not a lot of creativity went into making these items something you really care about buying, and losing them all at the end when the game automatically resets just reinforces how pointless their acquisition is.

Redneck Fishin’ has a decent presentation, but this is just a single joke with a bad minigame attached. Save your money, because the cartoon visuals alone don’t justify spending $1.99 for this dull, unfunny game.