Red Panda Run Lite

Play as your own adorable red panda — Climb temples, dive into lakes, and explore the hills and tunnels of a beautiful snow-covered forest. Avoid obstacles like tree roots, bamboo groves and spider-webs to maintain your speed and travel as far into the forest as you can.

Red Panda Network works toward conserving the habitat that these adorable and loveable creatures live in. So try out the game, and if you like it consider upgrading to the paid version which has no ads! All our revenues go fully toward saving the real red pandas from extinction in the wild – every penny counts!

Two-button control scheme is simple to learn, yet can take your red panda from the tops of trees to underground tunnels and lakes!

Complete in-game objectives to increase your score multiplier and beat your friends’ high scores.

Name your panda and take their picture to share with your friends on Facebook

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