Red Jumping Hood 2

Return of the cute Red Jumping Hood with whole new gameplay!

Who could possibly imagine that silly wolf is serious flower lover?

Little cute Red Jumping Hood was just picking some flowers for her grandma.
She had absolutely no idea what’s going on when Angry Wolf was screaming “Get out of my Garden!! Leave my flowers alone!”, and coming for her.
Little Red Jumping Hood and no choice but to run.
But she’s strong cute girl, so Red Jumping Hood decided not to give up the grandma’s flowers!
Now is the time to use grandma’s Big Flowers Cutter, right?
“Bring it on! You weird flower maniac wolf! I’ll cut your all flowers! Tee-Hee!”
Then, Red Jumping Hood turned around and ran.
Wolf started feeling strange about this situation, but anyway, shouted “Stop right there!”

This is how the story of poor wolf has been started.

– Simple touch and swipe action.
– You can feel the rhythmic speed by jumping and dashing into the sky
– Cut and gather flowers as many as possible while running away as fast as you can from the silly wolf!
– Avoid that annoying homing bees and spider net. Don’t lose your speed!
– Power-up items can be found through the game. That really come in handy.
– Various upgrades and consumable items will help you to jump higher and run faster!
– Compete with your friends and people around world through Game Center leader boards

– First, you need to hold for a short time to jump high. Then swipe to jump any direction you want
– You can DASH in the air by hold and swipe just like jump. hold enough time to perform longer dash. Every dash consumes 1 dash gauge
– You can perform JUST JUMP by jumping just before landing. Just Jump makes you get faster and higher. Additionaly, restore 1 dash gauge instantly!
– Game is over when you caught by that silly wolf. So keep running and Jumping!
– In the middle of game, you can find various power-ups among flowers. Try to grab these!
– If Homing Bees catch you, you lose most of your speed. Tap the bees several times to get rid of them.
– You can upgrade basic status of Red Jumping Hood and power-ups at the store. Also, there are consumable but helpful items you can you use.

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