Red Ball Pro

Rating: 4+

Red Ball Pro is a game from Michael Friedman, originally released 17th November, 2009


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Red Ball Pro Review

We can’t quite put our finger on it, but something drove people to try the free version of Red Ball Pro. Once that hit and stayed at the top free app position for weeks, the paid version began to sell like hotcakes. This bewilders us, as Red Ball Pro is an aggravating experience. The only thing that was red when we played this game was our faces, with anger.

It’s obvious that Red Ball Pro is trying to be a physics platformer, but the fact is that the physics here are distinctly bad. The ball itself is extremely floaty. It can be controlled in the air, which no good physics game should allow. In general, things don’t work at all like one would expect.

Control-wise, the game has one major issue: sticky buttons. Instead of naturally sliding your finger from one button to the next, you must pick it up and tap the other button. This and the shoddy control over how much power you put behind your jumps make the game a burden to play, often resulting in crashing into obstacles. There are also tilt options, but these are just as half-baked.

Avoid getting axed.

As if that wasn’t enough, the game’s level design is equally poor. Most stages consist of walls, platforms, moving mechanisms, and dangerous objects waiting to be crashed into. Each are placed in a way that makes this a game of pure luck and repetition. For example, one level has three wheels that move next to each other, and you need to bounce off them to proceed. Maddeningly, you’ll almost always get caught between them.

These factors lead to Red Ball Pro’s aggravating difficulty. Most of the time spent with the game will include falling off cliffs and breaking into tiny pieces on spikes.

Red Ball Pro doesn’t make up for its faulty gameplay in graphics, either. The bare-bones, cut and paste style looks sloppy, and a random low-quality jazz bar loops endlessly in the background.

Its pretty clear that we didn’t enjoy our time with Red Ball Pro and can’t recommend it to anyone. It will only leave you stressed.

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