Realmaze3D is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Realmaze 3D Review

Realmaze 3D makes you feel a bit like a human hamster stuck inside of a giant, multi-leveled, randomly constructed cage. There’s nothing to do but bumble slowly to the exit, but the process is strangely relaxing — we liked the game’s sense of quiet seclusion. Thrill-seekers probably won’t like it, though.

Realmaze 3D generates a maze in one of five sizes (from Tiny to Insane) and times your escape. You walk around the maze in a first-person perspective, using either touch or tilt controls. You trace passageways that spiral out into dead ends and change levels by climbing up and down ladders. It’s like playing a dungeon-crawler, minus the actual game.

That may not sound like much fun. However, the game’s top-notch presentation recasts these boring old mazes into a surreal experience. The stone maze’s textures are set off by diverse shadow and lighting effects, which also help you to recognize places you’ve already been. Listening to the eerie background noises can put you into a trance, or you can play your own music.

Realmaze 3D provides two kinds of assistance for the easily lost: a compass and a trail of Hansel-style breadcrumbs. These cause the timer to tick faster, though, so there is a trade-off.

If Realmaze 3D cost more than 99 cents, we probably wouldn’t recommend it, but few games produce this kind of calming atmosphere. We recommend it as a cool chill-out game.