Experience the premiere 3D maze game on the App Store…the award-winning Realmaze3D takes mazes to the next level — literally! You must find your way to the top by climbing up and down ladders, and with a nearly infinite number of possible mazes and daily on-line competitions, it’s never the same game twice!

In the list of top 100 iPhone games of all time at

“The atmosphere of the game adds a lot to the overall experience…surprisingly well implemented.” —

“Any maze fan and iDevice owner worth even a pinch of salt should go and get this immediately” —

“Top-notch presentation…few games produce this kind of calming atmosphere. We recommend it as a cool chill-out game.” —

“RealMaze 3D is one hell of an amazing maze and one that’s worth every single penny and then some!” —

“I recently bought Realmaze3D and I must say that I have been hooked to this game for the past 3 days!” —

Fantastic lighting effects, beautiful graphics (including retina display support), and a sublime soundscape combine to create a mysterious atmosphere that’s just as fun to get lost in as it is to escape from. Fluid movement and smooth controls make an enjoyable experience you’ll keep coming back to.

• Player-friendly: always resume an interrupted game wherever you left off, at any time. Play your iPod music if you like.
• Touch or tilt control, or a combination of both. Tilt is auto-calibrated whenever you start or pause a game.
• Optional compass helps you get your bearings. If you get really lost, you can leave a trail of breadcrumbs behind to keep track of where you’ve been.
• Five different maze sizes from Tiny through Insane will keep you busy whether you just have a minute or two, or want a real challenge.
• Best times list for each maze size, so you can keep track of how fast you can escape.
• Challenge players around the world for the best time in the Daily Maze Challenge, with a new maze added every day.

Note: Each new Daily Maze Challenge is updated at midnight, Pacific time.

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