Real Free Throw 3D

“Real Free Throw 3D” is A 3D basketball Game by WEI&GUO GAME,
Creators of the best quality and most fun independent iOS games!

Using your finger,Touch the screen,Hold,Slide Up,Release!Wow,Nice Shoot!!!

1. 3D Game Environments.
2. Three Game Mode.
-3 Point
3. Physics-based Net and Animation.
4. Addictive and easy gameplay.
5. Realistic 3D sound effect.
6. Over 20 unique shooting positions around the court
7. Besides in-App purchase,you can also unlock all game feature by get high score in Train Mode.Completely free!

For Trick and

Please don’t hesitate to make comments or suggestions if you have any.
We shall try to create the highest quality gaming experiences.
Enjoy it!

Shoot:Touch the screen,Hold,Slide Up,Release.
Hold Time :Shoot power
Distance bewteen Touch postion and Release postion:Angle of release.


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