Real Blackjack Game

The blackjack game for beginner to professional player with 34,000+ adjustable rule combinations and real-time advice based on 380+ basic strategy cards

For a beginner, the game will set the most common rule for you. Just enjoy the easy-to-play battle with dealer.

If you are an advanced player, you can adjust and test various rule combinations in the game.

1. Select your rule combination:

(1) Number of decks: Single deck, two deck, 4 decks, 6 decks, 8 decks
(2) Shuffling option: CSM(Continuous Shuffling Machine), Cut card(0% ~ 80%)
(3) Dealer’s behavior on soft 17: Hit or stand
(4) Double down on: Any two cards, 9/10/11 only or 10/11 only
(5) Double after split: On or off
(6) Maximum split hands: 2 to 4 hands
(7) Re-split aces: On or off
(8) Double on split aces: On or off
(9) Hit on split aces: On or off
(10) Surrender: On or off
(11) Blackjack payout: 3 to 2, 6 to 5 or 1 to 1

PLUS, Changeable table and card appearance!

2. Play as you set

The rules you set will be immediately reflected in the main game. Enjoy your game with:

(1) Real-time strategic advice: Dynamically changing strategic advice will minimize your potential loss and maximize your profit.

(2) Real-time statistics: Review your performance in current game analyzing win/loss/push and winning ratio.

3. Play with privacy and without internet connection

Enjoy fully customized user interface for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.
“Real Blackjack” does not require any personal information or login. It runs without internet connection even in Airplane Mode.

4. Feedback your opinion

Feel free to make any comment to our team. Participate into evolution of the game. We highly value your opinion.

Thank you!!

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