Reactionist Lite

Have you the bus misses or you are bored? This game is then perfect for you!
With this simple but original game you are no longer bored. In 9 breathtaking games can you test your reaction, whether alone or against up to four players, the addiction factor is always enormously high!

What does the game have to offer?

√9 thrilling games!
√1-4 players: Test your reactions alone or against your friends!
√ Game Center ranking list: In the game “Hit on it!” is an ranking list, to see who is the best!
√Highscore function: There is a Highscore function for the singles mode so that you can always see how much your highest success was.
√You can very simply turn clay off and switch on with another click again in the options!

– Hit on it!
– Country / capital
– Is the equation correct?
– Is the statement correct?
– Color / Word
– Countdown
– Red screen
– Labyrinth
– The same numbers?

-> reaction test
-> game mix

You have suggestions for improvement for the game or an idea for a new game? Then write a mail for us or judge this game and help us to improve the App steadily.

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