Reach For The Top™


The premiere knowledge game Reach For The Top™ goes mobile with this advanced speech-activated app. Take the challenge and beat the buzz.

For over 50 years, the Reach For The Top™ game show has engaged the minds of the best and brightest students across the US and Canada.

“Reach” is a competitive sport and is played in Canadian high schools with four players representing each school’s team.

Both teams are asked a question. If you know the answer, tap the buzzer and speak the answer for the team! Your team can collaborate so talk is over, but only one person can speak the answer.

It’s perfect for any age: from teens, university students to Reach Alumni — the questions range from easy to difficult. The Reach content is quite challenging.

Designed as both a standalone knowledge game and the ideal practice device for Reach players, the mobile application can be played solo, head-to-head and in groups.

And remember, as always, your five stars (★★★★★) are very important to us, and they help us to bring you free updates and new exciting games!


✔ Played around the world for many foreign accents, REACH starts off playing fairly loose and generous with CORRECT ANSWERS. You can customize this “Voice AI Precision” by tapping Settings, Expert and Voice Precision — simply move the slider from Normal to Hard.

✔ Play with new questions from our REACH game store. New question packs are activated with a simple in-App purchase.

✔ 1 PERSON should speak the answer and WAIT for the microphone to pop up before speaking.

✔ Say a nice crisp answer, and simply the “Answer” will do! Please do not say “What is …” or a sentence with the answer somewhere in the recording.

✔ Works best in a quiet location and without a lot of background noise or music that distorts the recording analysis.

MICROPHONE: This app requires a microphone. All the new iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices have a microphone built-in. To work on older iPod touch devices, you will need to plug in earbuds with a microphone.

Disclaimer: Purchased questions can be viewed up to 25 times within an unlimited time period.

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