RC UFO 3D Lite

You came to planet earth with a message of peace … but only received the war.
Now you are not going to stay stopped while they destroy your flying saucer.

The army has sent twenty helicopters to destroy you with their machine guns,
cross them with your UFO to shoot them down.
The less time, more score.

There are two levels of difficulty, in easy helicopters remain static, in difficult they pursue you.
There are different scores for each difficulty.
Compare your score with pilots around the world through Game Center.

As we can freely define the UFO movement,
we choose the simplest possible for a flying object in a 3D world,
therefore handling it is easier than in an airplane or a helicopter.

Move between buildings, taking care not to collide with them.
Total freedom of movement around the city, mountains and rural areas.
Recreation of several real buildings.

Challenge: Get land on the roofs of the narrow skyscraper
and observe the movement of the city at your feet. Only for advanced pilots.

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