RC Olly

Remote Controlled App Driving as you've never seen it before!

The RC Olly app uses augmented reality to bring Olly the Little White Van to life right in front of your eyes and allows you to drive Olly through your home, out with your friends or whilst travelling in the car. Anywhere you can go, Olly can too!

By pointing your device camera at a marker (which can be scanned or printed at www.ollythelittlewhitevan.com
or www.create-ar.com/ollythelittlewhitevan/olly_marker.jpg ) you can decide where and when you want Olly to appear, then simply use the arrow-keys to drive Olly around like a real remote control car.

The functions have been designed with young drivers in mind and you can toggle the auto-boundary mode on or off to make it easier to locate the world's most helpful little white van!

You can let people know you're about to run over their feet by sounding the horn, navigate Olly on real roads from the safety of your car with family and friends and when you're ready to show off your ultimate driving skills, try negotiating the cones to get some Olly points.

This virtual RC Olly responds just like his TV counterpart and will really test your pre-schooler's understanding of 3 dimensional space (which is a key development milestone) and we suspect there'll be many a grown-up keen to give it a go too!

For more ideas visit: www.ollythelittlewhitevan.com

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