Roll the robot heads through the underground tunnels of a factory. Tap the screen to give the robot head speed, steering it around dangerous obstacles. Getting the right momentum is the biggest challenge in this game, and earning all 3 stars gets more difficult each level. As a cheerful tune plays in the background, dodge circular saws, destructive spikes, exploding bombs and even traps that defy the laws of physics…

What people are saying about Rbots:
** Rbots is a nice game – iPhone Club.nl **
** Rbots is a cute game with a neat concept – iFanzine **
** Props to the developers for making a game that’s good for many hours of entertainment **
** This game manages to stay original in an overcrowded genre **

Cool Features:
– Get through 5 worlds with 36 levels each
– Try 3 different game modes and challenge your timing and accuracy skills to the max
– Make it through the magnetic minefield alive, and the robots might show you their funky dance moves
– Collect golden sprockets along the way
– Innovative gameplay
– Aim for the highscore on Game Center

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