Experience Sydney’s criminal history and battle gangsters in this exciting GPS game and tour. Armed with your mobile, you scour the streets for illegal alcohol while physically evading gangsters.

Archival and recreated content combine to create a dark adventure situated in the original locations of Darlinghurst’s Razor Gangs. Or transport the virtual world to play Razorhurst anywhere in the world.

• Discover colourful characters such as Kate Leigh, Tilly Devine, Phil ‘The Jew’ Jeffs, Frank ‘The Little Gunman’ Green, Guido Calletti, Nellie Cameron and more in vivid re-enactments.
• See Razorhurst captured in the original police photographs.
• Experience the terror of razor attacks and relive the underworld war of the roaring Twenties.

“The way of the future for gaming… Players literally run through the streets” ABC TV News

“Highly innovative and cutting-edge… Augmented Reality… immersed players in the dramas of Darlinghurst in the 1930s” Sydney Morning Herald

“A far cry from the standard city tours on offer” Time Out Sydney

“A potent combination of new technology and dramatization” Central Sydney

“Excellent graphics, stills, movies and audio” RealTime Arts

Recommended by Lonely Planet and The Historic Houses Trust

If you experience difficulties please contact us via the support link below.

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