Razor: Salvation

Universal Rating: 12+

Razor: Salvation is a game from Crescent Moon Games, originally released 29th May, 2012


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Razor: Salvation Review

The Apocalypse is often depicted as a single event, like a nuclear strike, a or a killer virus. But imagine if Earth’s end came in the form of a double whammy, like an alien invasion coupled with a virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures. Oh man. That would suck. But in Razor: Salvation, that’s exactly the situation you’re tasked to rectify. The result is a deep shooter game with a lot of merit and a few problems.

Razor: Salvation is set in a potential future where Earth has been invaded by malicious aliens, and many survivors have been afflicted by a virus that turns humans into zombie mutants. Your job is to man (or woman) the drop ships that are plopped into the middle of several cities and protect clean citizens as they run for your ship and salvation. If your dropship takes too much damage from the marauding alien soldiers, you’re forced to evacuate, which is bad news for that one human who was just inches away from being rescued.

Razor: Salvation is essentially a fixed shooting game: you stay in one spot, you swivel the camera 360 degrees, and you fire on jerk aliens and infected humans via a first-person view. However, the game is far deeper than most of the shooting games available on the App Store. You have several weapons at your disposal (a minigun, a railgun, mortars, an auto-cannon, and more), all of which can be upgraded to add firepower, faster reload times, etc.

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You make use of those different weapons, too, as the aliens you fight against actually possess a shred of intelligence. They use bombed-out cars and other debris to hide from your fire, and when you’ve emptied your minigun firing around like an idiot, they move in for the kill. Succeeding in Razor: Salvation requires precision, practice, and upgrading your weapons and dropship using the money that you earn with each drop.

In other words, you fail before you really succeed, and before long you become painfully aware of one of Razor: Salvation’s biggest problems: long load times. Whenever the aliens best you, you want to jump right back into the action, but it takes a long time to return to the battlefield. What’s worse, crashes pop up from time to time.

“Zoicks! Let’s get outta here, Scoob!”

The controls in Razor: Salvation are pretty fussy, too. This is a game that requires quick reflexes. If an alien is poking you in the back, you need to whip around as quickly as possible, but dragging your finger or thumb across the screen doesn’t always get the job done in a timely manner. You can adjust screen sensitivity, which helps, but a virtual thumbstick would be a welcome option, too.

If you’re into shooter games, though, Razor: Salvation isn’t one you should pass up. With any luck, future updates will address the game’s loading and control issues, and then it’ll shine like greasy alien blood on the bumper of a wrecked Volkswagen.