Ravenchase 2.0

If you liked the DaVinci Code, Lord of the Rings, Goonies or Harry Potter, you’ll love Ravenchase Adventures’ interactive riddle game. The Ravenchase iPhone App provides a series of riddles that challenge your intellect. See if you can solve them all!

WORD OF CAUTION: FOR SERIOUS RIDDLE SOLVERS ONLY! Ravenchase aims to be the hardest puzzle game out there.

These riddles are not easy to solve and may take days to decipher. That is the draw compared to other puzzle games. Don’t give up! As others have said:

“This app is super challenging.”

“This is by far the best puzzle game out there…if you like riddles and are good at them, this will keep you searching for days!”

“This game is fun, don’t back down just because it’s hard.”

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