Ratz Lite

Ratz is an amazing action packed reflex game to keep your boredom at bay. Ratz brings a new twist to the classic Cat, Cheese and Rat game.

Every day when the night falls, the rats begin their heinous tasks. Their motto is to eat away the cheese.
Now get your skills sharpened to outsmart them. You have to stay alert and save the cheese from being eaten away.

In the initial stages, as soon as the rats start attacking, throw them off screen before they reach to the cheese.
However, the attack gets gruesome with more colored rats to challenge you. Guide the rats to their respective destination or feed them to the cats. Your ultimate aim is to protect the cheese as long as you can from the rats.

Show off your skills by saving the cheese and become the elite Pied Piper. Let the hunt begin.

• 25 gruesome and complex levels
• Refreshing graphics and sounds
• Game Center and OpenFeint integrated for global scoring

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