Rat Trap

Alright! It is a complete redo. Think of it like Whack-A-Rat!

How To Play:

Hit as many mice/rats before the timer runs out. But don’t smash your hand! (watch out for the hands)

Score over 1,000 points and get the BONUS ROUND! A chance to score even more points!

Challenge friends and family! No more loud snap and screaming man in pain, also known as SuperRoot.

OpenFeint is implemented! 800 OF points are available. Submit your points to FaceBook and Twitter, if signed up and you have it enabled to do so.

;^) ;O) :’P

Kid’s like it. Little guys as well as adults. Get your Rat Whackin’ On!

Visit http://www.superrootapps/RatTrap for the Achievement details!

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