Rat On A Scooter XL

Universal Rating: 4+

Rat On A Scooter XL is a game from Donut Games, originally released 7th December, 2009


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Rat on a Scooter XL Review

Human-sized rats seem like they’d be a menace to society, but put them on a motorcycle and the only damage they will do is to themselves, even when wearing a helmet. That’s what this game would have you believe, anyway. If this rat rode into our home we would definitely treat it with hostility.

Rat on a Scooter XL is primarily an extension of the motorcycle minigame included in Donut Game’s other rat-themed title, Rat on the Run. This daredevil rat hops from platform to platform on his extremely top-heavy bike. The longer you hold your finger down on the screen, the higher he flies. Also, those in need of an extra boost can tap a second time to make him fart and jolt you a smidge, sometimes just enough to survive. The coolest part is catching the platform by one wheel, leaving the rat dangling below.

Is that a Cheeto?

This is all grand, but the killer comes in the faulty physics. When falling, the bike feels extremely top-heavy, but when shot upwards it practically floats. The ability to jump when holding onto a platform by a single wheel also seems odd. Another problem we had was that there are too many small platforms, making the game’s flow aggravating.

Three modes of play are available, none of which are quite good enough to keep us coming back. Whether you are collecting cheese, keeping your gas gauge full, or avoiding horribly placed traffic cones, everything feels a bit mundane. A better solution would have been to go the high-score distance direction of Canabalt.

Watch out for those bottomless pits.

One thing we like less than rats are bugs, and this game has them. The most common we came across was in gas variation. Many times it wouldn’t register our landing on a platform or give us the refill granted by gas pumps. This bug can stop a great round in its tracks and should be squashed quickly.

Online leaderboards are included but not integrated. To access them you must leave the game, which is a pain. We did enjoy the stat-tracking feature, which tells you how many one-wheel grinds you’ve completed and your total time clocked into the game.

Rats aren’t the most lovable of creatures. Neither is this game when compared to other $0.99 offerings. We suggest revving your engines and speeding past this rodent.

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