Rapid Racer

☆★☆★Rapid Racer is now OpenFeint integrated! Come play now! Try to climb your way to the top of the leaderboard and have fun attempting to complete exciting and challenging achievements!☆★☆★

Rapid Racer is a retro “racing” game in which your primary goal is to speed down the highway for as long as you can without crashing.

Watch out for taxis, police cars, ambulances, and all sorts of other vehicles as you collect coins, stars, and health packs. Rapid Racer is deceptively simple but incredibly addictive.

Can you top your high score? How far can you go before crashing? Tweet and post your high score to Facebook and compete against your friends!

Simple graphics, AMAZING chiptune music by Goto-80, and loads of fun. What are you waiting for? Download Rapid Racer now! I know you want to!

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