RainbowDoodle – Animated rainbow glow effect

RainbowDoodle turns your drawing into animated rainbow glow effect. Draw on your iPhone iPod touch or even iPad with RainbowDoodle, then press the “RAINBOW” button and watch your doodle turning into fantastic rainbow glow effect. What’s more, the color animates and changes like aurora. Get RainbowDoodle and immerse yourself into the Mood of Rainbow Color Fantasy.

* Fantastic Rainbow Glow Effect
* Animated Rainbow Color
* Different color animations speeds (use the triangle button)
* Save drawing to Photo Albums to share
* Auto-hiding toolbar (auto-hide while drawing)
* Erase the previous stroke (by pressing the counter-clockwise arrow button)

Draw a stroke slowly and you will get richer/more color on that stroke.

– Please note that color animation may be getting slower on complicated drawings
– You cannot sketch while in animated rainbow mode (i.e. after pressing the “RAINBOW” button). Press the “Pen” button to get back to sketching mode.

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