Rail Builder

This game is about building railroads and bringing trains safely to their stations. When you get up to the higher levels, you’ll see that it can be very challenging to build the best railway network to route all of the trains. After you have laid your railroad tracks, you manage the train traffic by throwing the switches. Watch out! There are trains that will run on the same tracks and it’s up to you to avoid collisions.


– Complete freedom to build the railway
– 5 training levels
– 23 main levels
– 3 different types of trains and stations
– More than 200 types of rails
– Unlimited number of railway combinations
– In the higher levels you need to route up to 30 trains


Rail Builder provides a perfect use of the touch screen for building the railway network. To add or replace a rail, all you need to do is to place your finger on an existing rail and swipe in the desired direction all the way into the middle of the following cell.


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