Raiders of the Lost Aardvark For iPad

Join Ranger Rick the raccoon on a wild ride through Africa in this thrilling detective game that tests your sleuthing skills. A rare mummified aardvark has been unearthed in sub-Saharan Africa, rocking the archaeological world. The archaeologist who discovered it, Jack Snare, believes that the aardvark holds the key to unlocking some of the world’s greatest natural mysteries.

Snare takes his aardvark mummy on a global tour of prestigious museums. But en route to the Natural Science Museum in Africa, his precious cargo is stolen! And strangely, after the theft of the aardvark, some of Africa’s rarest and most endangered animals begin to disappear as well.

Is the aardvark cursed? Was it never meant to be found? Is there something sinister behind the disappearances? Put on your detective cap and help Ranger Rick track down the clues to solve this mummy mystery!

In Raiders of the Lost Aardvark, you will:

• Travel to different habitats all over Africa, including a savanna, a rain forest, highlands, and the site of a mighty waterfall
• Meet some awesome wildlife that live in these habitats
• Learn amazing trivia about these plants and animals
• Earn points by discovering and assembling hidden objects
• Solve several intriguing riddles—as well as the mystery of the mummy aardvark!

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