An amazingly addictive radial puzzle game for all your iOS devices. Test your mind as you try to navigate through circular mazes while dodging the electric fields. Watch out or you’ll get ZAPPED before you complete the maze!

Begin by navigating your ball towards the center of the circle. But look out for the Zappers as they sweep through each ring to eliminate you. Each level gets progressively more difficult in presenting various challenges, and tricks to try and stump you. Enjoy the first levels for free, and purchase additional levels to continue with more progressive challenges.

Compete online using OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements. Try to collect all of the achievements, and get the perfect score in each level.

Game Obstalces
+Sweeping Zappers
+Stationary Zappers
+Closing Gaps
+Multiple Routes
+Timed Zapper Gaps
+Rotating Zapper Gates

Menu Items, and Game Items pulsate to the in game music rythm providing an immersive graphic experience. Always feel free to play while listening to your own tunes, but be sure to try the apps soundtrack to enjoy the cool visual effects.

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