Racer Feud

Racer Feud is a turn based racing game for up to 10 people, download now and challenge all of your friends!

Play locally against friends with “pass and play” or compete against anyone via GameCenter, it’s up to you!

In the game you will gear up and down, brake hard, give the engine more gas and burn tyres in order to speed through corners as fast as you possibly can!
Bump into competitors and swirl around debris, anything can, and WILL, happen in a game of Racer Feud!

The game includes two completely free tracks and when you are getting tired of those you can always get several more tracks via the Feud Store!

Some other features of the game:
* Boardgame racing at it’s finest!
* Up to 10 people in the same game!
* 15 different cars to choose from!
* iCloud sync, just login with the same account on multiple iDevices!
* In game group chat!
* Leaderboard, see who’s best among your friends or the entire world!

So download it for free now and give it a spin!!

Upcoming features
* League play

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