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R-Tech Commander Colony Review

R-Tech Commander Colony is a sci-fi city-builder in which you take on the role of ‘Chancellor’ and build up your newly-founded planetary colony in a galaxy filled with other players. It’s online-only, and although there’s no actual player-vs.-player combat, you’ll be competing on the leaderboards to determine who has created the most successful colony. The game does encourage players to purchase gems using real money, and although nothing is entirely locked away behind these in-app purchases, you’ll unfortunately see a much slower rate of progression if you don’t want to pay for this virtual currency.

You may already be familiar with developer Noumena Innovations and their previous title, Kingdom Story XD, and if so you’re going to feel like you’ve played this game once before. The armored knights of Kingdom Story may have been replaced with laser-firing spaceships, but other than the change in theme, these two games are almost carbon copies.

The city layout, menu screens, currency system and reliance on gems are handled in exactly the same fashion, and the only notable change is the presentation of the battles themselves. Kingdom Story XD was fairly well received, but we can’t help but feel that this is just lazy game development and an unsubtle attempt at selling the same game twice.

Representing Slide To Play on a galactic scale.

Resource management is the real heart of the game as you aim to increase your income of the three primary resources: crystals, aluminum, and energy. These are used to build and upgrade your structures and also to maintain your fleet of ships.

The gameplay isn’t necessarily what you’d call fun. The colony building is for the most part about watching numbers, and other than some basic control over formation, you have little to do during battles besides watch. However, as with most games of this type, it’s been designed to feel very addictive.

If you can collect just another 100 crystals then you’ll be able to upgrade that Supply Depot, which will then allow you to work towards a level three Command Post, which means that you can upgrade your Starport, and maybe you should just “invest” in some gems and make that all happen even faster! You can easily sink hours into a game like R-Tech Commander Colony, but eventually you may start to question whether you’re really enjoying it.

It’s a trap!

The game is sadly lacking player-vs.-player battles, which we think could have helped build a longer-lasting community through a much-needed sense of competition. The leaderboards might be enough for some, but unless you started playing early on and are willing to fork out for gems, you stand little chance of reaching the top.

R-Tech Commander Colony requires a constant connection to the Internet, and although you can pinch outposts from other players, you’ll never be able to fight someone else’s fleet. The server chat (which cannot be disabled and is predominantly filled with nonsense in our experience) often shows players asking for help and how exactly to go about attacking another player’s colony. This was a real missed opportunity.

The chat can’t be hidden. We really tried.

Technically the game also still needs some work, and even though the server was temporarily taken down for maintenance over the weekend, a number of issues currently remain unresolved. R-Tech crashes frequently and while a restart fixes the issue, the lengthy loading times while launching the game can be frustrating.

If you change your mind when selecting which ships to use in an upcoming battle, you can temporarily lose those ships from your roster; and from time to time, the buildings in your colony will just disappear and you’ll need to switch to your galaxy map and back to see them again.

We think that after all the practice they had with the nearly-identical Kingdom Story XD, they should have worked out these kinks by now.