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R.I.P. Rally is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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R.I.P. Rally Review

If you’ve ever wanted to mow down a swarm of zombies with a muscle car, now is your chance. In R.I.P. Rally, you pick your car, your weapon, and your arena, and try to last as long as possible before you’re overtaken by the living dead. Each wave contains more and stronger zombies. You face off against the traditional feet-draggers at first, which you can easily roll over, but eventually you face exploding zombies, running zombies, and giant zombies. You’ll die eventually, but your goal is to last longer each round.

With each round you play, you earn cash you can use to buy new weapons, armor, and vehicles. The cash doesn’t come easily, so you’ll need to be a spendthrift here. While buying that shiny, new rocket launcher may seem like a good idea, you’ll also want to look at reinforcing your doors and equipping spikes on your bumper.


The best way to earn extra cash is to complete the game’s objectives. At any given time you have three missions, like killing a certain number of zombies, collecting items, or performing feats in a specific arena. These also add some variety to what can become a repetitive style of game.

The controls are remarkably easy to master. All you have is a thumb stick for steering and another for guns. While your vehicle can’t turn on a dime and knock over a zombie, you have enough maneuverability to zoom through tight corridors and make jumps.


While R.I.P. Rally has a lot to like, it does suffer from one hard-to-ignore problem: the ads. The game is free to download and play. You don’t have to purchase anything with your hard-earned, real-life cash if you don’t want to. In exchange, you’ll have to suffer through constant banner ads and some full-screen ones. These are unrelenting, and the real problem is that they take you out of the game and into your device’s version of a pop-up. We understand this is a free game and ads are the price you pay, but there are many other free games with far less intrusive ads out there.

R.I.P. Rally is another game in the endless sea of the zombie genre. It does stand out a bit with the emphasis on cars, but it may not be great enough to stand above the rest. It’s easy to get sucked into the addictive quality of the game, like unlocking cars and completing missions, but certain parts of the game seem more like a cash-grab than entertainment. As a free download, however, it’s easy to jump in and give it a shot.