QuizPic – Guess the Word Behind the Pics

Try out your skills as a game creator! Make up a tricky picture quiz and test how savvy your friends are!

Get your game ready in a flash: just pick a photo and transform it into a puzzle or a quiz with a question. Have fun sending brainteasers to your friends and accepting challenges yourself!


✔ Choose your opponent via email, Facebook or randomly
✔ Pick a photo from your album or take a new shot on the go
✔ Turn your pic into a Tile Puzzle or Swirl puzzle
✔ Add tricky answers to your quizzes to mislead the opponents
✔ Earn points by solving quizzes sent to you
✔ Share your achievements via Facebook and email
✔ Collect & redeem coins to unlock new games in the Puzzle Shop

★Turn your device into a game studio and quiz ‘em all!★

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