Quiz Plus – One Direction edition

Try levels that you have already completed to find other hidden questions that you haven’t answered yet, and increase your score!

☆ Now there can be no arguments about who the biggest One Direction fan is. Prove your knowledge of the band and compete against your Facebook friends, and prove to the world how much you know and love One Direction ❤❤❤

☆ Over 200 questions!

…and more being added each week. You only need to answer 10 questions per level, but each time you retry a level the questions change! Hidden questions keep the game fresh and exciting. See if you can answer them all on each level and gain maximum points for the level.

☆ Offline Play Mode

No need to be connected to the internet. Once downloaded and updated with the latest questions, you can play the entire quiz without needing to be connected at all.

☆ Challenge Your Friends.

Post level scores to Facebook and see who gets the highest for each level and who has the highest score overall. Get your friends to download and play – the more, the merrier!

All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners. This app is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, One Direction, or their affiliated entities.

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