Quiz Parade

Quiz Parade™ is a fun and educational quiz game with a twist! Quiz questions are randomly selected from a customizable set of categories, so you have control over what areas are covered. Great for keeping your mind active while in the grocery line or on a family road trip!

This family-friendly game is designed for multiple users, so each can have their own custom quizzes. Each user’s answers are tracked separately, so family members can share a single device without “bumping into” one another.

The game comes with 150 questions from a variety of categories such as American History, Arts and Sciences, Pop Culture, and more! If you want to extend the span of your quizzes, you can purchase additional sets of questions from a variety of available categories in the Quiz Store. Some sets of questions are gathered from miscellaneous categories, while others “go deep” into a single area.

Quiz Parade™ has the following features:
• User options allow individual personalization of quiz makeup. Customizations include:
∙ choose any or all of 3 difficulty levels
∙ show only categories of interest
∙ vary the length of quiz sessions
∙ choose whether or not explanations will be given after questions are answered
• Questions in True/False or Multiple Choice formats
•Informative and fun explanations provided for all questions
•Low pressure – no ads, no timers
•Questions are chosen randomly from user’s selected categories, so you won’t be “stuck in a rut” answering the same kinds of questions all the time
•”Pause” feature allows you to continue a quiz at a later time
•Additional questions in a variety of categories are available from our Quiz Store using In-App Purchase

• Works on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
• Supports Retina Display

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