Quiz – One Direction Edition

★ The Ultimate One Direction Quiz! ★

The best 1D quiz on the planet has finally made its way to the app store – featuring hundreds of questions and tons of different quizzes! Every quiz features its own Game Center leaderboard – now you can finally show the world that you are the ultimate 1D fan!

— Check out some of the quizzes included in the app! —

✔ THE 1D QUIZ – This quiz features all of the basic trivia about 1D…a good place to start for casual fans

✔ THE FUNNY QUIZ – This is where it starts to get really fun – featuring questions about all of the hilarious inside jokes and quirks we know and love about 1D!

✔ WHO SAID THAT? – How well do you really know the guys from 1D? To ace this quiz, you’ll need to match up all of the quotes to the 1D member who said them!

✔ THE DIRECTIONER QUIZ – This is the big one! There is no better way to prove once and for all that you are a true Directioner. This massive 200 question quiz features questions from all of the other quizzes – can you make it to the top of the Directioner Quiz leaderboard?

Those are just a few of the many quizzes featured within the app – download today to check out all the rest! Including –

Video Diaries / The Lyrics Quiz / One Clue / The Harry Quiz / The Niall Quiz / The Louis Quiz / The Zayn Quiz / The Liam Quiz

All of the quizzes listed above are included for FREE, with tons more on the way! Now go show the world how much of a Directioner you REALLY are!

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