Quiz for Magi

The quiz application on the popular cartoon Wizard
“Quiz for Magi” is first appearance on iPhone! !

The total number of questions asked 300 or more! !

In Quiz for Magi, I prepare a problem all over cartoon, from TV and anime.
Such as Magic and character, quiz rich variations varied!

And anyone who read only comic, anyone who saw only TV anime!
You can enjoy a wide range of people Magi Mania from the beginner!

In addition, Quiz for Magi we have to support Game Center (Game Center).
You can then earn points by correct answers to the quiz and compete the score and players around the world!

Difficulty of Quiz for Magi (class selection) is as follows.
Problem that will appear on the exam at one time both each class is 10 questions.
You can GET the bonus by (Dinar) are different points that can be earned in every difficulty, to answer questions 8 to 10 questions now!

– Degree of difficulty and earn Dinar ~
-Junior: 1 answers right 1D acquisition (bonus 10D)
And intermediate: 1 answers right 2D acquisition (bonus 20D)
And advanced: 1 answers right 3D acquisition (bonus 30D)
-From all the problem: it depends on the degree of difficulty (bonus 20D)

Share tool Twitter, facebook, such as LINE is available.
Aiming for senior Wizard, so you Kisoiao and Na Min friends!

Now, friendship and courage make the world.

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