Australian QuickBreak Crosswords, Volume 1

Fifty quick crosswords, with an Australian flavour, by professional puzzle writer Denise Sutherland.

You can choose from beautiful background papers, different fonts, grid, highlight, and font colours. The paper textures and text are stunning in HD on retina displays of all sizes, and still look beautiful on low resolution screens.

The grid and clue lists are interactive, and tapping a clue or square calls up the standard system keyboard to enter the letters. You can continue to interact with the grid while the keyboard is active. On the new iPhone 5 and iPod 5 more of the grid is visible while the keyboard is up.

The puzzler can zoom in on the grid, filling the screen with a word, and then pinch to zoom out again — or let the app auto-zoom for you!

The app has an optional timer, and settings for revealing letters, and hints for incorrect letters (type ? and the app fills a letter in for you).

QuickBreak is self-contained and works offline as well, so you can take these crosswords wherever you go. Need a break at tea time? These crosswords are ready whenever you are!

Uses standard Apple system keyboard or external bluetooth keyboard for text entry.

Compatible with iPhone 3GS/iPod 3rd Generation and newer, including new iPhone 5 and iPod 5, and all models of iPads. Requires system 4.3.5 or newer.

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