Quick Shooter Free

Do you have the fastest reflexes in the West? Enter the Quick Shooter tournament and shoot through fast, exciting Old West duels.

Quick Shooter is a reaction game set in the Old West. It’s high noon in the town of Bitter Springs, which means it’s time for the 5th annual Quick Shooter Tournament! Be faster than your opponent as you try to set the highest score of the tournament. Face off against a cast of fully 3D animated characters ranging from the bumbling Mosquito Joe to the dastardly Deadeye Dan. Keep up your lightning quick speed to shoot bonuses, get perfect draws, and set a higher score than your friends!


● EXPERIENCE intense Old West shootouts
● Easy SWIPE and TOUCH controls allow for one-handed play
● QUICK playthrough is perfect for standing in line or sitting on the subway
● REACT to draw quicker than your opponent
● Hone your skills to get the PERFECT DRAW
● COMPETE against your friends by comparing scores
● DEFEAT 6 quirky opponents with fluid 3D animations
● Shoot BONUSES before your opponent can get you
● 3 BEAUTIFUL Western locations host your shootouts
● Collect coins to spend at the general store on powerups
● Earn bonus points by staying on perfect streaks

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