The Paraphrase Puzzle Game
Bishop Communications Inc.

Quibberish is the paraphrase puzzle game. It is a fun and educational word game for smart people who want to exercise their brain.

The objective of Quibberish is to guess the famous expression from paraphrase clues. For example, try to guess the famous expression from these clues:

Clue: The Dawn-Dabbled Dodo Will Munch On More Marvelous Morsels
Answer: The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Clue: A Lousy Layout Can Hide A Bestseller
Answer: Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Clue: Don’t Floss A Free Filly
Answer: Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

You can play Quibberish yourself, or with your friends. You can also join the Quibberish Qlub to win prizes and earn a world ranking.

This free version of the game, includes 150 clues for 50 famous expressions.

Stay posted for expansion decks including Movie, Sports, Book Club, and Bible paraphrase puzzles.