Question Tree Guessing Game (20 questions and more)

Think of something from a selected category and this program will try and guess what it is by asking a series of yes or no questions. “Is it bigger than a horse?” “Can it fly?” “Does it have green blood?”

This is similar to the traditional old game of “twenty questions” played between people for ages. In addition, if you stump the program and it can’t guess your item, then you can tell it what you had in mind and it will learn that new thing.

As you play with the program it improves based on your answers. Thus, this game is an example of a form of (simple) artificial intelligence, adapting as it gets used.

Several categories of questions are included. The “Animal” category is a classic one used in “20 questions”, and it is based on guessing the names of common species. The “Science Fiction” category is based on guessing fictional items from fictional worlds. The “Number” category is a very basic number-guess game (and this category does not learn from examples).

The game is also instructive in that is demonstrates how to ask focused questions and how to efficiently narrow down a search problem.

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