Queen Bee 3D : Success is Sweet

In this whimsical honey of a strategy/simulator game, the life of a striving worker bee is filled not only with dizzying flights of fancy but also palace intrigue. Forage for pollen and nectar among varied flowers in a beautiful alpine setting, maneuvering on a dime with the intuitive accelerometer-based controls. Then return to the hive and and dance to tell other bees about your great foraging expedition and receive honey as a reward. Play your part in the hive by nurturing the young bee larvae so they grow into productive workers. But be careful! The queen may not be on your side. Accumulate enough honey and you can become queen!


* First person pollinating with physics-based flying.
* 3D Hive exploration – walk on walls!
* Interaction with other bees in the world.
* Challenging spatial memory and navigation tasks.
* Beautiful 3D graphics.
* Great music and atmosphere.

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