“Smashing crystals has never sounded so smashing” – Edge (8/10)

“QuBIT is a great game I’m glad to have discovered” – Touch Arcade (4/5)
“It’s ridiculously fun to play QuBIT […] highly recommended to go try it out” – Destructoid

“Stunning visuals, the colors pop right off the screen” – 148Apps
“This game is definitely worth checking out” – Slide to Play
“QuBIT is a simple idea executed almost to perfection” – App Spy (4/5)
“An Awesome Interplay Of Cubes, Colors And Speed” – The Appera (9/10)

Race through gorgeous alien landscapes, smashing crystals and building color combos to a pulsing electro soundtrack, in this adrenaline-charged, score-attack arcade game. The first and only puzzle-racer on the App Store!

You play QuBIT, a battered mining robot sent to the furthest reaches of the galaxy, to harvest rare Obscurium deposits on strange alien worlds. Your quantum-positronic brain is a state-of-the-art sentient AI, able to overcome any obstacle – by smashing into it with your face! Wait…what? Who came up with that idea!?

*** Minimum OS version 4.2.1 ***

• Frantic Colour-Matching Action
• Two Game Modes
• Two different Environments
• Multiple Characters with Unique Abilities
• Awesome Original Soundtrack
• Hi-Res 3D Graphics
• Retina Display Support on iPhone 4
• Anti-Aliasing
• Next-Gen Effects on iPhone4 & iPad2
• 3 Different Control Systems
• Step-by-step Tutorial
• Game Center Leaderboards
• Post Scores to Facebook
• 20 Challenging Achievements
• In-Game Challenges with Unlockable Content

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• Minimum recommend device is the 2nd Generation iPod Touch
• iPhone 3G is not recommended

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