The cute and brain-picking puzzle game – Quarx is here!

The Quarx’s are a race of funky, intelligent, intergalactic travelers from a distant galaxy. On their trip to earth, their navigation sensors malfunctioned due to strong magnetic force field interference. And they’ve lost their way! Now, use your head, skillfully make use of tools and manipulate contraptions, to help the Quarx’s find their way home and complete their fantastic space voyage!

1. Cute physics puzzle with unique gameplay! Force fields are fun!
2. Low learning curve! Innovative and rich gaming experience!
3. Fun levels with super tools! Workout for your brain!
4. Exquisite sight & sound! Out-of-this-world experience!
5. Multiple beautiful backgrounds available!
6. 20 extra levels on Hard Mode. Rise to the challenge, if you dare!

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