Quantum Cat

Join Quantum Cat on missions through vast space systems, dodging obstacles, and catching speed boosts to fly as fast as possible! Use your Quantum Power to slow time, fight bosses, and dress up Quantum Cat in flashy flight gear and fashionable clothes in this arcade-style space adventure.

Starting as a space cadet, lead our intrepid space explorer Quantum Cat through the unique environments of 36 different planetary sectors. Build up your rank with more experience and flight time to unlock access to new regions, each with distinct flight patterns, free floating debris and asteroids, and sinister bosses. Craft or buy any of over 200 articles of clothing and accessories to personalize your cat to fit your style!

Game Features:
+Fly regularly to build your Hyperspace rank and unlock each of the 36 playable sectors
+Collect cargo crates, warp gems, and hit matching speed boosts to get high scores
+Fight 4 unique bosses each with its own set of attacks
+Track your own high scores featuring avatars with the distinct outfit you wore during your flight
+Unpack cargo crates to build clothing, spacesuits, and even personal accessories
+Upgrade your wardrobe to increase your Cat Stats and improve your game performance
+Progress in the game to collect artwork and cartoons of Quantum Cat. See what Quantum Cat gets into when not flying through space!
+Look for rare Blueprints that allow you to craft unique goods

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