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Quadrum: Colors Review

Quadrum: Colors takes the tried and tested (but rather boring) concept of the Match 3 game, and adds a few interesting twists. Instead of the usual concept of aligning three items and having them immediately removed from play, Quadrum: Colors allows you to align as many colored boxes as you want before you pop them with a double-tap (the minimum number in a row is set at four). This allows you to plan the game better, and results in a higher score. You can also try to use gravity to your advantage, tilting and moving the device around to slide the blocks around and get the perfect match. Finally, certain combo blocks are two colors at once; you can use these to build vertical and horizontal lines at the same time and earn a score multiplier.

Quadrum: Colors gives you 3 different game modes, “puzzle”, “color rush” and “zen colors”. Puzzle is all about trying to clear all the blocks away with no time limit. Careful though, You’ve only got the cubes on the screen to work with. In Color Rush, you’ve got to clear the screen of all the colors, but every few seconds, new blocks are added, so you have to work quickly. And Zen Colors is the relaxed endless game. However, in order to clear blocks in this mode, you must first set up a combo using a combo block, which takes additional work.

Quadrum: Colors’ graphics are crisp and glossy, and the animated double blocks swirl nicely. It would be nice if the backgrounds could be changed though. The sound is just as clean as the graphics. There’s no background music, but you are able to play your own music.

Between the solid presentation, the three game modes, and the four unlockable difficulty levels, we think Quadrum: Colors is a solid 99 cent purchase.